This site aims to explore the themes in the works of Andrew Murray of South Africa, as well as the heroes of the faith that influenced him. It will also make reference to Olea’s forthcoming books on Andrew Murray’s life and spiritual walk.


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 Andrew Murray Destined to Win:

A Biographical Novel


A true story of battles, blessings, betrayal, and breakthrough

Andrew Murray and Emma at Herschel

Twenty-two year old Andrew Murray has just completed his first year of ministry to over 20 000 Boers beyond the borders of the Cape. With new-found confidence, he soon finds himself acting in a statesman-like capacity on behalf of both Boer and Brit. But with every victory gained, he finds himself not only showered with accolades, but also having to battle outbreaks of self and pride that he is unable to conquer.

After a heartbreaking betrayal, he realizes that he is in need of a wife—someone who is able to partner with him in the ministry. But where to find such a girl? And when found, will his bloated ego and self-focus get in the way of winning her hand?

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Book projects: A trilogy on Andrew Murray's life

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Book ONE:  Andrew Murray Destined to Serve was published in 2014


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 Book TWO: Andrew Murray Destined to Win will be published on 12 January 2016.  




 Andrew Murray at 60Book THREE: Andrew Murray Destined to Lead still needs to be written.  I'm presently doing the research for this novel.


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Blog posts

I also invite you to peruse my blog posts. They aim to outline the main themes in Andrew Murray’s works, starting with Abide In Christ, the first book he published in English in 1882. I have just started on the fourth series covering his book: With Christ in the School of Prayer. You are also able to receive these posts via my bi-weekly newsletter. Please refer to the sign-up information in the right-hand margin.


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Besides my novels, I also aim to publish little-known works by Andrew Murray. Please go to  BOOKS to read a descriptions of each and where to purchase them.



The Photos Page contains compilations of photographs related to my novels: Andrew Murray: Destined to Serve and Andrew murray Destined to Win. Besides places that are mentioned in these books, there are also photographs of some of the main characters. 



The Map Page contains several maps  directly related to the novels in my trilogy on Andrew Murray. There are also a few that mark the towns that experienced revival  between 1860-1862.  Andrew Murray was a key figure during that revival, which will be a key theme in my third novel. Please click on Maps to learn more.


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A brief overview of Andrew Murray's life

Blog Archive

Abide In Christ

  1. When and Why it was Written
  2. Background to the English Version
  3. Why we fail
  4. To Abide: What does it mean?
  5. Let God help you do it
  6. Having confidence that God will keep us
  7. To abide: Like a branch on the vine
  8. To abide:Through God's pruning knife
  9. To abide: By letting God mortify self
  10. 21 Quotations from Abide in Christby Andrew Murray
  11. Andrew Murray book-list in publication order

Like Christ

  1. Like Christ: the Cinderella of Andrew Murray's books
  2. Predestined to be conformed to Christ's image
  3. Taking up your cross
  4. Like Christ in suffering wrong
  5. Like Christ in dependence on the Father
  6. Like Christ in humility
  7. Like Christ in His love
  8. LIke Christ in being led by the Spirit
  9. Twenty-one quotations from Like Christ

The New Life

  1. Book review of The New Life by Andrew Murray
  2. The importance of the Word for spiritual growth
  3. The Spirit of the Son in our hearts
  4. Andrew Murray on "Power in Weakness"
  5. Andrew Murray on The Way of Righteousness
  6. Andrew Murray on "The Flesh versus the Spirit"
  7. Andrew Murray on "The sieves Satan uses to sift us"
  8. Andrew Murray on "Fighting the Good Fight of Faith"
  9. Andrew Murray on "We are Children of Joy and Light"
  10. Andrew Murray on "Be a Blessing"
  11. 31 Quotations from The New Life by Andrew Murray

In the School of prayer

  1. Andrew Murray on "Enrolling in the School of Prayer"
  2. Andrew Murray on "Becoming a True Worshiper"
  3. Andrew Murray on "Entering God's Presence"
  4. Andrew Murray on "The Chief Lesson of Effective Prayer"
  5. Andrew Murray on "Praying to be Filled with the Spirit"
  6. Andrew Murray on "Praying as a Friend of God"
  7. Andrew Murray on "Praying for Laborers"
  8. Andrew Murray on "Definite Prayer"
  9. Andrew Murray on 'Limiting God's Promises'
  10. Andrew Murray on The Cure for Unbelief'
  11. Andrew Murray on 'Love proving the reality of faith'
  12. Andrew Murray on 'The Power of United Prayer'
  13. Andrew Murray on 'The Mystery of Persevering Prayer'
  14. Andrew Murray on 'Prayer and the Will of God'
  15. Andrew Murray on 'Meeting the Conditions of Answered Prayer'
  16. Andrew Murray on 'Christ's Prayer for Us'
  17. Thirty-three Quotes on Prayer by Andrew Murray


The Spirit of Christ

  1. An overview of Andrew Murray's theology of the Holy Spirit
  2. Andrew Murray on 'Worshipping in the Spirit' #5.2